Space ponies sins of a solar empire

So, what"s that "Void Ponies" success award all about? Or is it just to keep people from achieving 100%?


Sins of a Solar Empire
I"d say what the success REALLY is about, however then 5min pony guides would come up, and also defeat the function behind achieving it.All I will certainly say, is look EVERYWHERE!
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It"s from the beta. It is an inside joke well-known just to the few. Sort of prefer the Freemasons of nerdom.No, I do not understand it either.
LoL Every SpacePony Forum is answered by comments like:"Look everywhere" and also "You have to be a really excellent player to uncover it".
By currently, I"ve played at leastern 40 single player games "searching" anywhere, and also have actually yet to uncover it. Just my luck, eh?Ben
Found it my first game, 4th planet I explored. - It was on a small random map via a basic adversary. Don"t know if that had anything to carry out through it. Maybe its just random good luck.
i discovered it my initially game having absolutely no idea what it was i thought it was simply my cough medication kicking in
You need to colonize one billion, seven hundred million, forty 2 thousand also and 5 planets prior to getting to a .000001% possibility of finding area ponies. Honestly, it"s the only success I haven"t made. It"s been the only one for rather a long while now.
exact same right here, ive been playing single player games nearly eexceptionally day given that the game came out and its still my last success. I play alot of custom made games from galaxy forge, i need to wonder if that results it. I would certainly like to recognize what maps civilization have discovered theirs on.
I obtained this achievement on the fifth game I played. I explored a earth and acquired it, and also was prefer WTF? It"s entirely usemuch less, unless you"re after accomplishments. Oh, and for the document, I think it was a tiny tradition map I uncovered it on.
I"ve provided up searching for them. I mean it is a planetary bonus of some kind. I"ve check out that tright here is an excellent possibility that they are on piprice bases. I"ve never before found them.

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i had it listed on a earth info display when however I never before witnessed anything else around it. Also, it still states that I absence the success. Oh well.
i simply hacked the accomplishments file. so i do not understand. i tried trying out priate bases, like aforstated, but i never found it. i even made a custom map with 9 undefended pirate bases, and none had the ponies. so i acquired worn down and also simply edited the accomplishments file for it, and also all the other achievements. i didn"t get any type of key mod, nor did i gain an explaicountry of the ponies success. take my advice, and also provide up the search. leave the ponies alone, and also let them be complimentary.
Last night I played Tempest tool scenario and discovered Gap Ponies on an icy planed. My guess is its uncovered by opportunity.
Before i review this article i never heard of achievements
Apparently i found a room pony without noticing
Yeah, well, don"t forobtain men -- the Pink Space Ponies can just be discovered inside flying office buildings!Its an old joke from method earlier in the beta. I doubt a lot of of the beta people even remember its genesis, at this suggest. It simply... was.
Space Ponies are both the question AND the answer. Like a mobeus spilgrimage through no start and no end. They sindicate ARE.
Heed the words of Zoomba, for he is wise in the means of ponies. For even more factors than one. Most of which are more than likely not safe to cite... *walks amethod whistling innocently*
I actually uncovered it a few random games after I began playing, yet I have no concept what it implies. I wasn"t in the beta, and also this forum is pretty much usemuch less as much as finding indevelopment on room ponies goes. I expect it"s ideal not to ask as well many kind of inquiries.
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