The automotive industry is in for a treat! The young inventors of Stanford University are crafting a solar car which pudepend runs on clean energy. The Stanford Solar Car task is run by the students of Stanford through a primary focus on sustainable technology.

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Like a tradition, the solar car team deindicators, assembles, and also races a solar auto throughout the Australian Outback in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, every 2 years. The team emerged a sleek and also aggressively designed solar auto referred to as Sundae, in 2017. Sundae featured an asymmetrical catamaran aerobody which made it look prefer a auto from a sci-fi movie. This time we are sure that the team will surpclimb us through their brand-new futuristic design. The new automobile will certainly be unveiled in mid-July this summer.

The solar auto project is categorized right into different teams that synchronize together to develop this prototype.

The Brains Behind The Wheels


The Stanford Solar Car Project team functioning difficult. – Image credit: Stanford Solar Car Project

To start through, the array team has made immense progress in making and analyzing the different module layouts suitable for the solar auto. This team is collaborating via Alta tools and has actually finalized its range architecture.

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The battery team keeps the wheels in activity. Harvesting solar power and properly storing it, puts the battery team in the driver’s seat. This team has actually made a far-ranging contribution in the direction of the architecture of their test load. They are closing in on a secure race-oriented architecture.

The electrical team has actually efficiently prototyped a potentiometer-based throttle and also updated the steering wheel PCB. They have actually also completed a controller board which holds five light controllers. The team is grateful to Sierra Circuits for wrapping up the car computer system.


Stanford Solar Car Master Assembly. – Image credit: Stanford Solar Car Project

The mechanical team has been working on the chassis, suspension, and also mechanical subsystems. This team has actually been running tests on their brand-new carbon fiber which will certainly form the aerobody of the car. The mechanical team has been constantly reviewing their deindications through the assist of Tesla, Joby, and also Lucid Motors. The production will be founding this spring.

We are overwhelmed through all the tough occupational put into this whole project by these young minds. We think the entirety race is around technology relocating ahead quite than the cars touching the complete line. But go Stanford!