Steca solar charge controller pr3030

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With its high high quality state of charge algorithm, the Steca PR controller allows you to monitor, regulate and also preserve your battery. It instantly detects the mechanism voltage and, via its graphic screen, screens all the data you require.

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"Solar regulator made in Germany "

The state of charge gadget and also the latest charging modern technologies ensure optimum battery care and maintenance. A large display informs the user of all service says by indicates of symbols, such as the state of charge is stood for as a level indicator or data such as voltage, existing and also standing Loads that deserve to likewise be presented numerically on the display as numbers. The controller also has a power meter that the user deserve to recollection himself.

Product Features

Shunt topology with MOSFETsDetermicountry of the state of charge by Steca AtonIC (SOC)Automatic voltage selectionPWM RegulationMulti-level charging technologyDislink of consumers according to the SOC systemAutomatic consumer reconnectionTemperature compensationPossibility of negative grounding of a terminal or positive earthing of a number of terminalsCombined data logger (energy meter)Twilight attributes, night lighting and also auroraSelf testMonthly equalization charge

Electronic defense functions

Overload protectionProtection versus deep dischargesReverse polarity security for solar panels, consumers and the batteryAutomatic electronic fuseProtection against customer brief circuits and solar panelsSurge security on solar panel inputProtection against open circuit without batteryReverse current protection at nightProtection against overtemperature and overloadDisconnection of consumers in situation of overvoltage of the battery


LCD graphic displayfor business parameters, malattribute messperiods, self-test


Simple menu navigating controlKey programmingManual interruption of the consumer


PR 1010PR 1515PR 2020PR 3030
Characterization of the performance of operation
System voltage12 V (24 V)
Own consumption12.5 mA
DC input side
Vacuum voltage of the photovoltaic panel (at minimum operating temperature) 50 % / 12,6 V (25,2 V)
Deep discharge defense