Sun Earth Solar Water Heater Controller

TheSETR0301U controller was specially occurred for the North Amerihave the right to industry based on the SETR0301U fundamental controller. With its special certification (ETL label) from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the US, the controller meets the safety and security requirements and minimum needs of the North Amerideserve to industry.

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A feature of the SETR0301U series of controllers is the animated graphic display, which uses a complete visualization of the solar power system"s operating status and also solar circuit.

Product features

Compact, multipart designer casingMaximum storage tank temperatureHigh level of operational security with fault diagnosisTemperature screen °C / °FCollector over temperature disconnectionSpring clamp terminals permit fast and easy installation


Graphical LCD screen through backlightingAnimated depiction of the systems and operating states


Holiday (storage tank recooling)Interval / tube collectorAnti-freezeDisplay storage tank topStagnation Protection

Basic Programming

What Are the Steps for Programming for the TR 0301 Controller?

Set the control to the on place to verify pump functionSet the feature switch in the top left corner to the automatic positionOnce the initially 2 procedures are finish, you can start the programming processVerify the T1 collector temperature by pressing the up arrow till you view T1 displayedOnce the T1 is shown, you will check out the temperature in the top ideal corner of the screenVerify the T2 collector temperature by pushing the down arrow till you view T2 displayedOnce the T2 is shown, you will see the temperature in the top right corner of the screenIf all is great, precollection programming is completed

How carry out you Program the TR 0301 Controller for Special Situations?

If added programming actions should be taken, go to the major menu functionThis deserve to be accessed by holding dvery own the set switch for 3 to 4 secondsThe primary food selection for programming should appear with 5 programmable box optionsMaximum tank temperature, C / F temperature reading range, T1 tube collector function, holiday function, and also the freeze circulation functionFor a better expertise of the different programming functions, describe the Temperature Differential Controller Manual

T2 Error Code

What is a T2 Error Code?

A T2 error indicates that tbelow is an error developing with the connection in between the sensor and T2 terminal in the solar tank.

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What will certainly Appear on the Display When a Tank has a T2 Error?

If your solar tank has a T2 error, you will view a break or a short symbol on the display.

What Can Causage a T2 Error?

A T2 error canbe caused by a break in the wire in between the T2 terminal and the sensor in the storage tank. Or you might have actually a dead short. This means that someone pinched the wire and also the two wires are coming together in the sensor wire.

What is the Key T2 Failure?

An open is the major T2 failure, and also this occurs when tright here is no sensor on the solar tank. Solar tanks perform not come with a sensor. When hooking up the brand-new tank, you have to take the sensor from the previous tank and also install it on the new tank.

ETL Certifcation - TR0301U

SETR 0301U 240 Volt Spec

Steca Product Datasheet TR0301U

TR0301U Manual

SETR0301U Manual

SETR0301U Specification Sheet.pdf