Sunpreme bifacial solar module

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The Maxima GxB 380 Bifacial Module by Sunpreme is a top-alternative for anyone making outdoor frameworks with solar roofs. High-effectiveness hybrid bifacial monocrystalline solar cells for maximum power manufacturing from your accessible area. Framemuch less glass/glass construction for light transmission to the living area listed below. Build it ideal by building your outdoor room via light.

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What is Hybrid Cell Technology?Sunpreme modules usage a patented Hybrid Cell Technology that merges thin-film materials on specially engineered Silicon to capture even more light energy. This high-performance power output and also trusted power manufacturing throughout a wide range of light conditions enhances project retransforms.

GxB 380 Bifacial Module Features…

High PerformanceBifacial modern technology geneprices power from both the front and back encounters of the module, causing approximately 20% higher power harvest (kWh).Our HCT cells packaged in frameless double glass modules yield higher power and carry out not endure from light-induced destruction (LID) or potential induced destruction (PID).20.1% Module Efficiency (STC)22.1% Module Efficiency with 10% Backside Power Boost24.1% Module Efficiency with 20% Backside Power Boost

Robust Quality & ReliabilityDouble glass modules designed for durability. Sunpreme Deauthorize is more robust, and does not require module grounding.Certified to worldwide certification body standards: IEC, UL, and also CEC noted. Manufactured according to the International Quality Management System ISO9001.

Extreme Climate PerformanceAs temperatures climb, our patented Hybrid Cell Technology produces more power < k W > thantraditional crystalline silicon solar panels at the exact same elevated temperature.

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Guaranteed PerformanceAll modules have actually a 15 year product warranty and 30 year power output warranty.

Superior AestheticsThin profile double-glass construction provides superior aesthetics that are a perfect complement to roofs, carports, and canopies.


Sunpreme GxB 380 Specifications…

STC rated output Pmpp (W) : 380Bifacial Output Estimate (10% gain) : 418WOpen Circuit Voltage Voc (V) : 52.8Short circuit existing Isc (A) : 9.34Rated Voltage Vmpp (V) : 43.2Rated Current Impp (A) : 8.8

Dimensions 1959 x 990 x 6 mm (6.43 x 3.24 x 0.02 ft)Weight 27.4 kg (60.5 lbs)

Cell Type Bifacial Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT)Module Type 72 Cells, Framemuch less double glass design through tempered glassGlass Tempered 2.9 mm anti-reflective coating, low ironJunction Box Tyco IP-67 rated; 1000V UL/IEC, 3 diodesCables 4 mm2 x 1.2 m cable through MC4 connectors or MC4 compatible connectors

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Mounting Framemuch less Modules…Ironridge has actually a solution for mounting framemuch less solar modules to their well-known rail systems…End ClampMid ClampBonding Attachment Hardware

About SunpremeSunpreme is an imaginative solar PV module manufacturerheadquartered in Sunnyvale, The golden state via manufacturing facilitiesin the USA and China. We administer high quality, trustworthy andaesthetically premium modules to residential, commercial, and also utilitycustomers internationally. Sunpreme solar systems are carrying cleanpower on 5 continents.Sunpreme solar panels are designed and engineered in SiliconValley, CA, USA.