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Read Cwwarmth Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology USA Ulus 10271– You deserve to copy and paste in ulus10271.ini or downpack it via press DownloadsULUS-10271#All Craft Skills 100.00x406286B0 0x000400010x00002710 0x00000000#Gald0x206286C0 0x00F5E0FF#Player HP0x206301AC 0x00009999#Player MP0x206301B4 0x00009999#Richard HP0x110BDED0 0x00009999#Ricdifficult MP0x110BDED8 0x00009999#Steithum HP0x110C4850 0x00009999#Almeans have 15 Eggs0x0062F08C 0x0000000F#Almeans have actually 15 Copper Sickles0x00628C7E 0x0000000F#Almeans have actually 15 Copper Pickaxes0x00628C7B 0x0000000F#Lv 2500x206301D4 0x00000250#Gald 999999990x206286C0 0x05F5E0FF#99,999 Gald00x206286C 0x0001869F#Money0x206286C0 0xFFFFFFFF0x206286C0 0x000F423F#Max Glad0x206286C0 0x7FFFFFFF#Gald 1,000,0000x006286C0 0x00002710#HP 99990x206301AC 0x00009999#MP 99990x206301B4 0x00009999#99999 Grade Points0x206286D8 0x0098961C#9999 Fame0x206286C4 0x0000270F#rapid lvl up0x206301D8 0x00000063#Quick level up0x206301D8 0x00000063#Rare Item Drop Rate 100%0x0062F850 0x00000064#Sentougo LV up0x2074D3DC 0x000F8DE4#14 of ALL ITEMS (By T0n0p)0x40628C25 0x00F300010x0E0E0E0E 0x00000000#Auto-Complete Eliminate Quests0x106287E0 0x0000000BMax Item On Get/Usage0x20049358 0x2405000FInfinite HP,TP & Overlimit 0x2006C4E0 0x0A2008000x20002000 0x8C8200140x20002004 0xAC8200180x20002008 0x240227100x2000200C 0xA48200660x20002010 0x8C82000C0x20002014 0xAC8200100x20002018 0x03E00008Break HP Limit0x20043A24 0x0A2008100x20002040 0x3C0900010x20002044 0x3529869F0x20002048 0x0A210E8A0x203B92E0 0x0001869F0x203B92E4 0x0001869FBreak TP Limit0x20043A6C 0x240A270F0x203B92E8 0x0000270F0x203B92EC 0x0000270FEXP Multiplier0x20043628 0x0A2008080x20002020 0x00108XXX0x20002024 0x00B018210x20002028 0x0A210D8BIt does not present on display, however actually adds to your EXPXXX Values040 = x2080 = x40C0 = x8100 = x16140 = x32180 = x641C0 = x128200 = x256240 = x512280 = x10242C0 = x2048300 = x4096340 = x8192380 = x163843C0 = x32768400 = x65536Max Hits/Bonus EXP0x20070DEC 0x0A20080C0x20002030 0x240203E70x20002034 0xAE02004C0x20002038 0x0A21C37CUse Skill Once to Master0x2000BB04 0x2403003E7Should collection the usage to 999 times after used 1 time in battle, then it need to master.


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