Tekkit hv solar array

HV solar panels create a hefty 512 EU/t, and once merged with a great technique for storing their power, are mostly thought about the finest power source in Tekkit. Their major disadvantage is exactly how long they require to craft. Which is why I have created a reasonably lag-cost-free strategy for automatically creating HV solar panels, and also this is the tutorial for exactly how to make it. I doubt that I am the initially to come up with this kind of style, but I haven"t uncovered any kind of good guides out tbelow that do not take up an unimportant amount of space (yet I"m not claiming that this style is optimized).

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HV Solar Panel Factory


Solar panels are excellent once they job-related, however they are unreputable via bad weather or if you do not sleep through the lengthy minecraft nights, which is why I would recommend making some MFSUs to go together with the HV solar panels you will get from this factory. I could put out a tutorial for automatically manufacturing MFSUs in the future also.

If you are planning on structure one of these then you probably have to be conscious that HV solar panels are not cheap. Each one is 2,646,593 emc worth of raw products, and it will price this much per panel regardmuch less of whether you usage the factory or craft it by hand.

If you are unfamiliar via logistics pipes then perform not are afraid, the guide goes through some simple procedures on what to perform through them.

The sources you will certainly need for the manufacturing facility are:

11 power condenser (this is just one of the few instances wbelow having actually MK2 condensers isn"t a great thing)16 automatic crafting table MKII1 auto workbench1 chest27 supplier logistics pipe15 provider logistics pipe16 basic logistics pipe3 redstone block3 redrock engine2 item teleport pipe3 wood carry pipe2 closed move pipe1 LV solar panel1 logistics power junctionIf you already have an emc generator and would favor to usage it to power your manufacturing facility, then you will certainly also need:2 item teleport pipe1 clay transfer pipe

The full emc expense for the factory is 855,368. This is much less than a third the expense of a single HV solar panel. You will certainly need significantly more emc to obtain the machine running and you will likewise require at least among each of the following products to set as targets for your energy condensers:

rubbercopper ingotredstone dustrefined irontin ingotfurnacehardwood plankscoal dustglassgold ingotdiamond

Placing dvery own the blocks for this contraption is fairly easy and offering inputs to the pipes/tables is basic, yet it have the right to obtain a little bit tedious bereason tright here are so many type of recipes that go right into a HV solar panel. You will certainly likewise need a wrench to carry out this.

As with most equipments, make certain that you have enough room (this machine is 10x2x3) and that you place it in a spawn chunk or somewbelow close to a world anchor.


Tip 1

Start by placing down the 6 blocks displayed in the image listed below. This is the setup for most of the factory. Note that it is essential that your automatic crafting table MkII is encountering upward (it does this immediately when you area it down).

Block Placement for Tip 1



Step 2

You will certainly must make 10 even more of these "slices" and also set them up next to each various other. However, for the slice on the very end location a cobblerock block instead of an energy condenser.

Block Placement for Step 2



Tip 3

Now add 3 more automatic crafting tables MkII to the front of it. Right click the third one through your wrench to rotate it so that it is encountering amethod from the others.

Block Placement for Tip 3



Tip 4

Throw some supplier logistics pipes on the side, and also some provider logistics pipes on top of the first 2. The rotated automatic crafting table MkII gets a standard logistics pipe on peak of it.

Block Placement for Tip 4



Step 5

One block amethod from your closest energy condenser, add a chest. Then add 3 basic logistics pipes out from the chest. Put a provider logistics pipe on the end, and also ultimately an energy condenser underneath the provider logistics pipe.

Block Placement for Tip 5



Tip 6

Place a wood transfer pipe coming out of the rotated automatic crafting table MkII and collection a redstone engine above it. Add a redstone block alongside the redrock engine and also include an item teleport pipe to the end of the wood move pipe.

Block Placement for Tip 6



Tip 7

For Tip 7, you get to decide wbelow the new chest and also item teleport pipe will go. This will be where your HV solar panels will be carried to once they are made, so put it somewhere that is convenient for you. Before the item teleport pipes will certainly work but, you need to erected their information. Right click the item teleport pipe in the babsence circle and also put it in "send only" mode and also select a frequency. If you already had actually some various other item teleport pipes on your human being then pick a frequency that is not currently being supplied. If these are your first item teleport pipes then pick whatever value you want. For the item teleport pipe in the red circle, put it in "obtain only" mode and provide it the same frequency you decided for your other pipe.

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If you realllly do not desire to deal with item teleport pipes then you can forobtain around Step 7 and rather simply put a chest next to the wooden move pipe, however you will certainly have to run all the way out to your factory whenever you want solar panels.

Before moving to Tip 8, you should have an emc generator. Tbelow are numerous kinds to pick from, however if you want one that deserve to save up through this manufacturing facility then I would recommfinish a style I created dubbed Project 71. Anvarious other alternative is to just add high emc items right into the energy condenser manually (the one alongside the redstone block), yet that requires upkeep. If you execute pick to put in emc by hand also, then you do not must carry out Step 8 so go right to Tip 9.

Output from Factory to Personal Chest



Step 8

Add in a clay carry pipe coming out of the energy condenser and item teleport pipes on the best and also bottom of the clay transport pipe. For your emc generator, you must sfinish the items that it generates over to the item teleport pipe in the picture below (red circle). In order to send them you will must affix an item teleport pipe to your emc generator. The pipe attached to your generator should be in "sfinish only" mode at a frequency that is not being supplied. The item teleport pipe in the red circle need to be in "get only" mode and have the exact same frequency as the one attached to your emc generator. For the item teleport pipe in the black circle it must be in "sfinish only" mode. You need to execute somepoint equivalent to Step 7, and also have actually it connect to a convenient chest wright here you desire any type of added emc to go (most likely next to a transmutation table). Note that the item teleport pipe that goes to your emc deposit chest (not shown) have to be in "get only" mode.

EMC Supply using Item Teleport Pipes



Step 9

For the following action, head over to the various other side of your manufacturing facility. Place blocks in the orientation presented listed below. Use the wrench to make sure the redrock engine is facing upward and that the automatic crafting table MkII is encountering towards the wooden transport pipe.

Block Placement for Tip 9



Step 10

Next include the blocks shown below straight in front of the blocks from Tip 9. Keep in mind that the automatic crafting table MkII have to be facing downward and also that the wooden transport pipe on the height row (behind the auto workbench, not visible) should have the solid side going right into the auto workbench.

Block Placement for Tip 10



Tip 11

Now all of your blocks for the manufacturing facility are placed down! However before, now you should add some targets for your pipes and also condensers to acquire it working. Lets start with the energy condensers. When you open up up a condenser, the optimal left box is the taracquire box. To add targets to a condenser, you drag an item into the taracquire box (the item is not consumed). The photo listed below labels all the power condensers so that you recognize what targets to set for them.

Energy Condenser Labels



tin ingotcopperrubberredrock dustfurnacerefined iron ingotcoal dustglasswoodgold ingotdiamond


Step 12

Next up is the automatic crafting table MkIIs and also additionally the lone auto workbench. For these you should put in recipes. But before you perform, you must go through each of the automatic crafting table MkIIs and collection the middle switch (on the appropriate hand side) from "1" to "64". The photo listed below labels every one of the automatic crafters on each side so that you understand which recipes to add in. In order to make every one of the recipes, you will certainly need to craft at least one of each of the adhering to items:

copper cableRE-batterymachine blockcircuitgeneratorLV-transformersolar panelgold cable2xIns. gold cableMV-transformerlow voltage solar panelHV cable4xIns. HV cableenergy crystalHV-transformertool voltage solar panel

Automatic crafting table MkII Labels


Recipes for Each Label


Step 13

For the fundamental logistics pipe straight beside your chest (circled in red) then right click it with a wrench and also change its default route from "No" to "Yes".

Setting up "Default" Route



Tip 14

You will certainly also must adjust some things on your supplier logistics pipes, but luckily you do not have to concern about the provider logistics pipes. Tbelow are 10 supplier logistics pipes linked to your energy condensers. On one of these pipes right click it with a wrench. You have to change the establishing from "Bulk 50" to "Partial" on all 10. The supplier logistics pipes need to likewise be told which items to let in. For the 10 pipes that are linked to the power condensers location a single diamond in their "items to store stocked" window through the exception of the one associated to energy condenser #6 (the one through sleek iron ingots). For power condenser #6, put in 3 diamonds instead of 1. Keep in mind that you aren"t actually placing your diamonds inside the pipe so you do not loose them. Instead you are just indeveloping the pipe of what to let in.

If your energy condenser #11 has actually a source of emc, then you will check out the logistics pipes founding to occupational. You aren"t done rather yet, but you are close!

Now tright here are 17 supplier logistics pipes you have actually not configured yet: One on the optimal row, one on the second row, and 15 on the bottom row. Set all of the remaining supplier logistics pipes to "Partial" mode through the exception of the one connected to the auto workbench. For the one linked to the auto workbench then set it to "Full" mode. Depfinishing on which crafting table these 17 are connected to, you should tell it the form and also amount of items to let in. A general dominion of thumb is that you usage a full stack of each item that is being used in the recipe. For example:

The supplier logistics pipe linked to automatic crafting table MkII #1 would certainly look favor this:

Automatic crafting table MkII #1, GUI


You don"t HAVE to put a full stack inside, but normally it is the more the merrier. Also in the instance presented above you would certainly need to put a minimum of 1 copper cable, 2 redrock dust, and also 4 tin ingots. This means tbelow is at least sufficient crafting ingredients to make ONE RE-battery. The more you research, the faster they deserve to be crafted. After about 2-3 stacks of each item form, it becomes a bit redundant to add even more. If you don"t have actually a full stack of a things you are trying to include in, then you have the right to always simply store clicking until you have 64+ inserted inside.

One exception is the supplier logistics pipe attached to the auto workbench, you need to only have actually 1 diamond and also 8 redstone dust in that one. Automatic crafting table MkII #2 and automatic crafting table MkII #16 are likewise a small different than the rest. For automatic crafting table MkII #2, you carry out not have to include in a stack of RE-batteries. For automatic crafting table MkII #16, you perform not must add in a stack of energy crystals.

Be sure to include input items for ALL of the supplier logistics pipes bereason if you don"t, then the device wont be able to manufacture every one of the items that it needs!

As you continue to offer items to the supplier logistics pipes, the factory will start sfinishing and manufacturing items. Once every one of them are done, it deserve to start creating high voltage solar panels. If your manufacturing facility has actually a healthy supply of emc in the energy condenser #11, then items need to be moving roughly constantly. This GIF should provide you an principle of how it will certainly look. Even with items zipping roughly quickly, it still takes a couple minutes for a high voltage solar panel to be developed. High voltage solar panels are an remarkable resource of power and also you will have the ability to usage them for all sorts of applications (I would certainly recommend making among these).

If you have actually an extremely high supply of emc, however you still aren"t acquiring any high voltage solar panels, then looks through your automatic crafting table MkIIs and also view which items are not being offered, that should aid you narrow dvery own wbelow the problem is.