Terra nova solar photon 1

Fortress of Solitude

“All in all, it’s a backpackers friend I’ve grvery own to love immensely and also is a serious challenger in replacing my Terra Nova Laser Competition – certain it weighs a tiny even more, and the porch aint so luxurious. But it’s solid and also easy and quick to pitch. My bivvy/tarp combo weighs even more – and also this tent provides you comfortable shelter together with some excellent wide views in fine weather as soon as the doors are tied ago.”

The Terra Nova Solar Competition 1 tent – a sanctuary I’ve been incredibly reluctant to hand back after testing.

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At first, as soon as pitched in my garden I was a little indifferent to it. I assumed the porch was an awkward form and also as well little, the flysheet appeared to sit well above the ground in areas and also the erected appeared a little awkward with it being an inner pitch first tent.

There are considerable locations of mesh panels for condensation manage, but bearing in mind this is a 3-4 season shelter I thought they may contribute to some chilly nights out on the hills.

So, just how did we obtain on?

Doing it in the woods

If tbelow was ever a perfect example of never judging a book by it’s cover and also placing a product to the test out in the area – this was it.

All involves were fortunately unstarted – by and huge – though some others cropped up that I didn’t anticipate initially.

What you have here is a very considerable alternative to the Terra Nova Laser Competition

. It doesn’t weigh a lot even more and is a good deal stronger (and also quieter) in inclement weather. The tent all in comes in at 1010g’s – on my scales. That’s the tent itself, poles and also titanium toothpick pegs. Impressive for a semi-geodesic tent, no?

Naked tent uncovered pitched in Lathkil Dale

Granted, the weight was a tiny even more in the finish, bereason I dispensed via most of the titty sticks as they’re really only suitable for firm ground – which tbelow is not a lot of up in the hills. On soft or real difficult soils the pegs are next to usemuch less.

All shelp and also done, I removed the pole bag (which has actually an in-constructed pocket for the pegs) and also tent stuff sack for many trips – preferring to keep the tent loose in my rucksack and the poles and pegs in other places in pockets and so on.

Porch aint so tiny after all

The silicone nylon flysheet and also (greatly nylon) inner packs down extremely tiny not unprefer the Laser Competition tent. So, they easily fit in a pocket or sit flat at the bottom of a pack. Brilliant! These are the sort of shelters I really like. They’re not bulky and cumbersome.

Light as a feather and simple to put away and forgain about.

Bed for the night on MOD land – pitch location? Classified

When it concerns pitching the sanctuary, it’s quick and simple sufficient compared to most tents. You lay out the inner, fling out your poles, location the ends in the brass eyeallows and also attach the inner via some tiny plastic hooks. Due to the fact that the tent is ‘freestanding’ you can then conveniently position your home for the night wherever you please.

Following this of course, you then connect the flysheet by indicates of hooking the edge end eyelets over and also under the DAC Featherlite poles. Job done.

However before, tright here are velcro attachments on the rear and also front of the tent – especially wbelow the guy ropes are solved. No bad thing – but it deserve to be a pain to stick them in location as you awkwardly maneuver yourself approximately and also under the fly – all the while the poles resisting your eextremely push to place them properly.

But as through all things, exercise renders perfect – or at the exceptionally least, you just get supplied to such quibbles – part and parcel of various tent deindications. For instance, via practice you have the right to get the flysheet attached pretty conveniently if it’s raining – and hence not acquire the inner soaked wet with.

Next you peg out the guys (if needed – the tent is strong sufficient on it’s own as it happens) and locations of the fly to create a porch or air flow networks – and you’re finimelted.

Now, right here comes the nitty gritty…..

Does this tent stand as much as storms? Yes, it does. Surprisingly well, in truth. I’ve recorded 45mph gusts (no even more than that, I’ll admit) which in a lot of scenarios will influence any kind of tent and this shelter only shakes – like most semi-geodesics doing a gentle ‘jiggy via it’.

Now, once it pertains to wind speeds – folk will regularly say “Oooo it was 70mph up on them tops today” once in fact it was around 35mph. Would you still be standing if hit by a car at 70mph? I don’t think so. Folk tend to have no idea what wind speeds are. They quote the maximum gusts they saw on the weather foreactors – which is only that. A foreactors. Even at 35mph it will impede your walking in exposed locations – and also that will mean a tent gets an excellent throttling.

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Using tools favor the Kestrel 3000

 and also sharing it’s information with fellow hikers – they are always surprised at how low the wind rate is as soon as compared to just how they feel standing around in it. Well, many civilization anyway…

So far the Solar Competition 1 tent which is made of lightweight products has easily withstood 45mph gusts along with average speeds of 35mph. A excellent sign if ever tright here was one that it will certainly take some 4 seaboy abusage. On that basis and also born from experience, I’d say this is a tent you can use in many conditions, whatever the weather and you’ll be fine.

Naturally, if you’ve pitched it incorrectly or sitting out a hurricane – then suppose to see some tears or bent tent poles.

Buckle up! It’s annoying!

And so to the mesh panelling – well, the inner door is all mesh and you gain even more of that over the head end of the tent and also some to the rear. To be hocolony, as soon as I began trial and error this tent in the late dregs of winter – I hardly noticed a chill. But I reckon you would certainly in the elevation of winter – make no doubt.

Put a peg in it, will ya?

What doesn’t aid is how high the flysheet sits above the ground. Sure, the generous bathtub inner compensates for spindrift and also horizontal rain – but as soon as there’s a breeze blowing as defined above? Aye – you’ll feel somepoint come via approximately the porch area at the extremely leastern – which ironically is wbelow the flysheet sits highest!

Consequently, this might reason you potential difficulties for cooking within the shelter in inclement weather. The porch depth is not much even more than a dimension 11 boot. But tright here is even more than sufficient room within the inner tent and also roughly it at the head end for equipment and so on.

“Let off some steam, Bennett”

But because the flysheet is at a steep angle from the ground up – and also the wind have the right to blow under a bit – through such a small porch, food preparation isn’t necessarily going to be safe. Flames might blow earlier at you or also hit the tent.

However before, I usage a Caldera Cone cooking mechanism – and also have actually not competent any kind of difficulties in that respect. Far from it. But I know you’d need to be mindful of all this via a well-known gas oven like the MSR Pocket Rocket

, for example. The flames would certainly sit greater off the ground and closer to the fly.

There is an element of versatility via the tent door and also fly – through which you can extend it out a small to produce a little even more room in the porch – but then the fly sits actual high off the ground. And if you carry out it up all tight, then you’re left via little space to fling even the smallest kitten!

I’m emphasising the sense of room in this tent because I’ve no doubt some people would buy it hoping to conserve weight in addition to all their heavy equipment and also be disappointed – however it has to be shelp, if you’re gonna buy this tent, you’re most likely to be transferring lightweight gear anyway. And type of understand what to suppose – aget, it’s those compromises….

Saying all that, I believed there was plenty of room for me, a 45 litre fill and also all my cam equipment. Somepoint that surprised also me! I didn’t intend it to be so.

Sat up in the tent upon a 6cm mattress, my head didn’t touch the optimal of the inner tent either (I’m 5’11”) which I assumed was odd as the inner is proclaimed as 90cm – not complaining of course.

So, offered my first impressions of the tent – all transpired fairly well. Where I had involves they simply never before really materialised. The oppowebsite in truth developed. I was pleased to be prrange wrong and also consequently thrived to really choose the tent.

One gripe I carry out have though, is with the height and also place of the outer door. Granted, it opens high and also wide giving the user an excellent wide check out out onto the landscape about – however if you take advantage of the 2 method zip and also make a vent at the height, rain have the right to sprinkle straight down upon you inside. The very height of the door overlooks you, you check out. Also, the buckle clip to tighten the door shut can be fiddly to usage – be it clipping together or otherwise. Could be a problem in cold weather – I’ll leave that one via you.

Oh! And one other minor gripe – positioned in the porch is some groundsheet cloth protruding out as component of extfinishing the porch area and also acting as an anchor for one of the tent poles. There’s no need for this. It gets in the method as it raises itself from the ground – resulting in bits of gear to slide about and disappear underneath.

All Terra Nova need carry out is relocation this via an integrated strap with brass eyelet on the end for the tent pole.

The overall conclusion?

Fantastic low weight, pack dimension and stamina for a solo semi-geodesic tent – appropriate for adventure racers and also lightweight enthusiasts.Should stand as much as all but the incredibly worst weather problems (shedding snow more than transferring the load)Relatively quick and also straightforward to pitchThe inner mesh door can do through some nylon cloth about 10 inches high along the bottom to repel chilly breezes in the winterA flying V to the rear flysheet towel would certainly help through air circulation through the tent. At this time it’s continual cut sits too cshed to the inner tent mesh panel.Porch is bigger in usage than you’d think after initial practice pitching in your gardenGenerous bathtub inner groundsheet.Peculiarly you only get the guylines for holding out the sides of the flysheet and rear. Not the two guy points found on the front head of the tent. No drama – simply a little odd.
Our last night together…will be a socount missed tent

All in all, it’s a backpackers frifinish I’ve grown to love immensely and also is a significant challenger in replacing my Terra Nova Laser Competition – certain it weighs a little more, and the porch aint so luxurious. But it’s solid and easy and quick to pitch. My bivvy/tarp combo weighs even more – and also this tent offers you some great wide views in fine weather with the doors tied earlier.

I love it – and am really quite sad to watch it go earlier to Terra Nova towers…..