Terraria A Solar Eclipse Is Happening

Solar eclipse terraria is our significant problem currently. ASolar Eclipseis an event thathas a 1/20 or 5% opportunity ofreplacing a regulardaywhenHard Modeis active in a civilization or deserve to likewise be manually summoned by making use of theSolar Tablet. This event will certainly last for the entirety of the day which it happens on (15 minutes). A solar eclipse is heralded by the message, “A solar eclipse is happening!“, and also aadjust in music.

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A Solar Eclipse can occur at any type of time after the player has defeated theWevery one of Fleshandany type of of the mechanical bosses (The Twins,The Destroyer, orSkeletron Prime.)When a Solar Eclipse happens, monsters from the chart listed below will generate in the place of constant monsters in allsurfacebiomes. Because of this if you desire to protect against this event, you can simply burrow underground, however readers might still have the ability to obtain you.

The monsters that spawn have actually a opportunity to drop theBroken Hero Swordwhich is a product necessary to the late-game melee-weapon user, due to it being supplied to craft theTrue ExcaliburandTrue Night’s Edge, which are then offered to develop theTerra Blade. (Note: On v1.3.0.1+, the mini-boss,Mothron, is the only monster whom might drop the Broken Hero Sword. It will just generate afterall three mechanical bosseshave actually been defeated.)


N/AAble to shoot a laser out of its eye.1000Eye Spring
N/ASimilar to a normal zombie, except with more health and wellness.220Broken Hero Sword(Mobile/consingle only)
Swamp Thing
N/AAble to run exceptionally fast.350Broken Hero Sword(Mobile/consingle only)
N/AAble to revolve right into a bat and fly. Able to run extremely fast.500Broken Bat Wing Moon Stone
Creature from the Deep
N/ACan run very rapid and swim.400Neptune’s Shell
N/ACan run extremely fast.270Coins
N/ACan fly. Able to go through wall surfaces. A more powerful version of theWraith.300Death Sickle
The Possessed
N/AAble to run exceptionally fast. Can ‘run’ on walls.600Coins
Defeat all Mechanical BossesCan fly. Lays destroyable eggs that ultimately spawnBaby Mothrons.6000Broken Hero Sword(kosid.orgPUTER Only)The Eye of Cthulhu (Yo-yo)Mothron Wings
Defeat PlanteraAble to run incredibly rapid.700Butcher’s Chainsaw
Deadly Sphere
Defeat PlanteraCan fly.

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350Deadly Sphere Staff
Dr. Man Fly
Defeat PlanteraCan throw potions that carry out location damages.500Toxic Flask
Defeat PlanteraExtremely slow and resistant to knockago. Can shoot up to 8 nails in random directions as soon as damaged.4000Nail Gun
Defeat PlanteraCan run fast. Able to jump incredibly high.550Psycho Knife

Strategies forSolar Eclipse Terraria


It is rekosid.orgmfinished to acquire ameans from your residence so that the mobs carry out not pursue yourNPCs. Get to a flat area and acquire a weapon that have the right to strike multiple opponents, such as thePaladin’s Hammeror thePiranha Gun.The mobs will start to rush at you in lines, and also you have the right to conveniently kosid.orgplete off the whole line of adversaries via a few strokes of your weapon.

Another strategy is to develop a lava-pit at either side of your home and also a loot-corridor underneath. This method you just have to sit out the solar eclipse, watching as hordes of monsters die in your lava-pits and also loot as you walk underneath. Add aWater Candleto boost enemy spawn price, to aid get rare drops.

An different strategy requires making use of a cave or empty house through just one entrance (preferably far away from your NPCs), and also area a block in front of the door so that opponents will certainly still attempt to attack you, but cannot reach you. this will certainly safeguard you from the majority of opponent assaults, and also kosid.orgbined with a multi-hitting melee weapon, deserve to kill mobs without much hazard. This strategy still leaves you open to reapers which can take a trip via wall surfaces.

If you should farm monsters a great means is to construct a platcreate and also shoot monsters from tright here. But if you use this strategy watch out for Vampires because they deserve to fly. For this strategy, fantastic weapons are theInferno ForkandPiranha Gun. A Golden Shower merged with a Nimbus Rod likewise renders it feasible to go through a whole solar eclipse without moving. Note that Eyezors and also Vampires still might have the ability to strike you.

Anvarious other strategy is to construct a tiny box ~12 blocks above the ground so reapers can’t acquire you. The box have to be 4×3 through 2 of the floor tiles being platcreates. Simply stand also on the platforms shooting dvery own at the monsters through any type of weapon that reaches them, i.e; flails, guns, bows, boomerangs or projectile swords. The solid blocks are for you to escape to if you are swarmed by Eyezors. If you have a weapon that shots via blocks, i.e; the Death Sickle, you might just kosid.orgpletely box yourself in and also shoot at the monsters without taking any damages. Regen items favor campfires and also heart lanterns will certainly not be necessary nor will certainly Regeneration and Ironskin potions. You will certainly take very little bit damages making use of this strategy and gain numerous loot.

TheOnyx Blaster, paired via at leastern 1000Ichor Bulletsand also a great modifier, is just one of the ideal tools for this occasion, although the player might require a hook as well. Build a platcreate that you deserve to grapple on, but make certain that you deserve to additionally have a clear line of sight to the ground and the ground opponents can’t reach you. After that, you have the right to mow down the mobs through relative ease. Hold on tight and also watch as it delivers blows. The Onyx Blaster fires choose a shotgun through one extra big dark projectile, that deals splash damage to multiple opponents, therefore, it’s highly effective to mow down the low-health and wellness adversaries whilst the pellets can be offered to wreck a high-health and wellness opponent such as Mothron or Eyezor.


Escaping to the underground stops solar eclipse monsters from spawning. If you have to have actually a break from the solar eclipse or the monsters are overpowering you, ssuggest run away right into a cave. Space is also an alternative, butHarpiesandWyvernsare affected by solar eclipses, therefore they will certainly spawn at a higher frequency. Due to a pest, sometimes Harpies and Wyverns have the right to spawn at ground level.

Conversely, a adequate quantity (~50 blocks) ofMeteoriteadjacent will rearea Solar Eclipse monsters with normalMeteor Heads.

ATTENTION! Solar Eclipse Terraria

Solar eclipses deserve to be taken into consideration the daytime equivalent ofBlood Moons, though the latter can likewise occur exterior ofHard Mode.Monsters spawned in the time of this occasion drop big quantities ofmoney, to the allude that a player have the right to earn upwards of 2 from a solitary Solar Eclipse.A Solar Eclipse can be announced simultaneously through a Goblin Invasion or a Pirate invasion, in this case the intrusion won’t actually start till night or until the player moves from the attacked area.On consingle, vampires will turn into their humale form as quickly as they reach the very same elevation as you, no blocks are between you and also them, and also they are on-display screen.Many kind of of the adversaries you can encounter during the occasion has a possibility to drop a rare, valuable item.How to make a solar eclipse happen in Terraria Mobile edition?

Many human being store saying, I don’t know just how to acquire a solar eclipse to occur. If there is a glitch to carry out it I would certainly favor to recognize exactly how to carry out the glitch. How carry out I make a solar eclipse?

In the PC variation of Terraria, the only means to manually start asolar eclipseis by crafting and making use of asolar tablet. This item isonlyaccessible on kosid.orgPUTER, so unfortunately for mobile, you are not able to purposely start a solar eclipse. You’ll need to wait till one happens normally. They only begin to occur (with a 5% chance each day) after beating at leastern one mechanical boss.

Slightly boosted the opportunity for an eclipse to occur, yet they will now just take place after killing a Mechanical Boss So does that intend that each time there’s a solar eclipse, you have to kill another mechanical boss to obtain the next eclipse? Or just that killing a solitary mechanical boss enables any type of variety of eclipses? — KhymChanur (talk) 02:48, 10 October 2013 (UTC) its a boolean, if a player has actually killed a mech boss, then eclipse will certainly occur. 03:07, 10 October 2013 (UTC)