Therm A Rest Ridge Rest Solar

Therm-a-Rest Ridgeremainder closed cell sleeping pads have actually been roughly for a lengthy time and also are a favorite via many type of hikers. They’re also among the leastern expensive, greatest value foam pads you deserve to buy. The RidgeRest SOLite is basically a classical RidgeRest sleeping pad, through a silver heat reflective coating painted on top. The reflective coating boosts the R-value of the old RidgeRest from 3.1 to 3.5, a fairly substantial distinction, offered that there is no matching boost in the weight of the SOLite pad.

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Therm-a-remainder manufactures a variety of different models including the Ridge Rest Solar (Regular and Long) and also the Ridge Rest (Small, Regular, and Long). The Ridge Rest Solar is slightly thicker than the consistent Ridge Rest, so it is a bit even more comfortable for side sleepers, yet both pads are far much less comfortable than inflatable air mattresses or self-inflating pads, unless you favor resting on an extremely firm mat.

I’ve tested the SOLite newly and the impact of the heat reflective coating is rather impressive because you can feel your body warmth radiating back toward you. It’s additionally a relatively comfortable, 3/4″ thick pad, via 2 layers of bonded insulation, however deserve to be a bit tough if you’re a side sleeper.

Weight and Size Variability

In experimentation the Ridge Rest SOLite, I was surprised to discover that my regular-sized pad weighed only 15.9 oz rather of the 19 oz quoted by Therm-a-rest. Further investigation also verified that the pad was shorter by a couple of inches and also narrower than cited by the manufacturing specs.


This surprised me, however it has actually also been noticed by others with various other models of Ridge Rests, and also I deserve to just surmise that it is as a result of manufacturing varicapability. Still, the weight difference is fairly substantial for hikers who want to go lightweight and I think Therm-a-rest is doing themselves a disbusiness by listing the weight of these pads as heavier than they are.

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If weight is vital to you, take your digital range to the keep and also find the lightest pad in the bin!

Winter Camping with a Ridge Rest Solar

The just difficulty through the Solar in my mind is that it just comes in a dimension regular and lengthy, and also is simply too bulky to carry: Therm-a-remainder provides this pad to taracquire car campers that deserve to afford to carry a bulky pad and desire a sincompletely comfortable camping experience.

Personally, I’d choose to see this pad in a size small, or segmented accordian style like a Therm-a-remainder z-lite so that it deserve to be provided for winter camping. Seriously, via an R-Value of 3.5, a shorter model of the Solar becomes an attrenergetic component for a 2 pad winter sleep device. See Sleeping Pad R-Values.


Taking matters right into my own hands, I took a continual sized Ridge Rest Solar and also reduced it down to a torso size of 30″ for use in a 2 pad winter system with a Therm-a-remainder NeoAir. The linked device only weighs 23 oz and has actually an R-value of 6, weighing 4 oz much less than my existing Exped DownMat 7, through a 0.1 increase in R-worth.

Disclosure: Therm-a-rest gave with a Ridge Rest Solar sleeping pad for this review.