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Touch of ECO offers sustainable solar remedies to eextremely day home commodities. Our goal is to provide straightforward to usage, eco-friendly, solar powered alternatives for commodities that homeowners usage eexceptionally day. Our commodities require bit to not setup and also attribute basic installation instructions, often through no devices compelled. All products are made of recycled material and also packaged in environmentally friendly reprocessed cardboard.

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For customer service inquiries or to initiate a rerevolve, please call As Seen On COMPUTER at info

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Touch of ECO attributes a 60 day rerotate plan on all assets starting the day the product is yielded. This plan contains a no inquiries asked, full money earlier guarantee on any/all defected or damaged items upon receipt. If you are unhappy via the product at any type of time with in the allotted return window; please contact our customer service team. Customer's will certainly be asked to cover the return shipping cost in the case of buyers remorse. Items need to be went back in original retail packaging.

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The Touch Of ECO™ TWINSPOT PRO features 14 upgraded surface mount LED with ultra bideal multi-use solar technology. Including a constructed in movement sensor and also 12 inch expansion bracket that only comes via the TWINSPOT PRO. Perfect for allowing the solar panel to clear overhangs or reach a area that receives direct sunlight. Plus the TWINSPOT PRO attributes a 2 timer system that permits you to change the light duration for either 15 seconds or 60 seconds! The brand-new PRO version also allows you to change the direction of the solar panel. Adsimply the panel north, southern east, or west in order to maximize your direct sunlight daily. These functions and also even more just come with the brand-new upgraded TWINSPOT PRO model. Hang it up on any kind of flat surconfront, angle the adjusteady mounting brackets and arms and that"s it! Absolutely NO wires crucial. The Sunlight Motion Light™ charges throughout the day and also lights up the night once movement is detected. Ideal for lighting drivemeans, doormethods, walkways, stairs, garages, sheds, playgrounds, watercrafts, yachts, businesses, warehomes, vacation homes and rental properties. The TWINSPOT has actually been designed for additional brightness. Stocked via 14 bideal LED lights you deserve to rest assured that the Sun-light will clearly illuminate the darkness. Weather you"re using this for added security at home or as a decorative light the elegant babsence body will certainly absolutely fit your demands. If your worried about weight, worry no more. The TWINSPOT weighs much less than 1 pound! That"s less than a book or a typical flashlight making it among the simplest lights to set-up on the sector this day. Save on your electric bill through this solar powered light.

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