Uni solar pvl 136

Does the lamicountry roller come with the product package or must i buy it separately?If I desire to order an extra uni-solar quick attach assembly, is it sold separately and also perform you have actually it in stock?On page 10 of the installation manual under , "Description of Parts" tbelow is a list of the adhering to materials:

PV modules with Top terminal housings through Quick Connects and also "peel and stick" adhesive to adbelow to apshowed substprices.

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-GenFlex Clear Primer (3 Gal. Containers), Medium nap roller and cotton rags.-Extruded PVC wire duct and also cover, end caps and also cover development profile.-Extruded CPVC base channels to safeguard the wire terminals.-Metallic Junction Boxes and also Flexible Conduit.

Do these components come via the purchase or must we plan to buy separately?

Please let us know at your earliest convenience.


#1 Curt Wildfong commented 10 years 4 months ago

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Hello and thank you for your inquiry about the Uni-Solar PVL-136.

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1. No, the lamination roller does not come with the panel. You will certainly have to purchase that seperate.

2. You have to order these seperate. These are attached at the manufacturing facility and also we carry out not market them. You must call the distributor where you purchased the panels.

3. These components are offered at the distributor, wbelow the panels are sold. 

So, to really answer your question, Uni-Solar is the solar manufacturer. We perform not sell our product straight. We offer with distributors and also have actually providers that have accessories to accompany our solar product. These distributors can be discovered at www.uni-solar.com Thank you!!

10 years 4 months ago
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