What Is The Main Problem With A Solar System Model Of The Atom?

The Bohr model—or solar device model—of the atom describes atoms as consisting of a nucleus via a variety of electrons in orbits around that nucleus, comparable to a solar device. Because of this, people have actually speculated that maybe atoms are prefer tiny solar systems.

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Since our own Solar System is composed of a sunlight in the middle through eight smaller sized planets rotating about it in their orbits and also the element Oxygen has a nucleus and also eight smaller electrons rotating approximately it in their orbits, you might imagine that there is a similarity in between the 2. Likewise, maybe our solar system is an atom in some bigger entity.

Although current research studies have actually shown that the Bohr design of the atom is more than likely not correct—or at leastern incomplete—the principle of tiny solar systems has actually recorded the creativity of many people.

Questions you may have include:

Is it possible that atoms are favor tiny solar systems? Is it feasible that our solar device is really an atom in a bigger universe? What are some troubles through this idea?

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Atoms as solar systems

According to the Bohr or solar mechanism design of issue, every atom is composed of a nucleus with a particular number of electrons rotating around the nucleus in their orbits. The nucleus is much larger than the electrons. These pposts are assumed to be extremely tiny spheres or ball-shaped. This is comparable to the configuration of a solar mechanism, through a large sunlight in the facility and planets rotating in orbits approximately the sunlight.

Is it possible that the atomic level represents a smaller sized cosmos of some sort?

Oxygen and our Solar System

Look at the example of the element Oxygen, which consists of a nucleus and also 8 electrons in orbit. Our solar system has actually our Sun and 8 planets in orlittle roughly it. Is it possible that the 3rd electron from the Oxygen nucleus is similar to the 3rd world from the Sun—our Earth—other than on a really tiny and also various scale?

Perhaps tright here are even tiny little bit civilization or animals living on that electron. When they look out through their tiny telescopes at the other atoms and molecules approximately them, probably they think they are looking at the entirety Universe. This might be extending our creativity, but is it a possibility?

Pluto creates an ion

But what around Pluto? It supplied to be taken into consideration a planet, and it does orlittle bit the Sun. However, it is no much longer considered a world and also might have been a big asteroid that had actually caught into orbit by the Sun.

Just as an extra electron in orlittle bit approximately the Oxygen nucleus would make the atom an ion, so also would certainly the added asteroid rotating around the Sun make the Solar System a form of "solar ion" or such.

Solar units as atoms

Following that train of thought, possibly solar units are actually "atoms" in a a lot larger world. Some stars are very large and some are a lot smaller than our Sun—simply as some atomic nuclei are large and some are little, depending upon their atomic number and also weight. The rotating galaxies could be like rotating eddies in a liquid or gas.

Since there is this similarity, is it possible that each solar mechanism is really an atom in some physical system?


Atom or Solar System?

Our solar mechanism might be comparable to Oxygen, while others might be choose Chlorine, Iron or Uranium. In reality, the Universe we view via our telescopes may be just the collection of billions of atoms that are in a larger Universe.

Perhaps we are even component of the atoms on one more giant living being!

Problems via idea

Tbelow are some problems via the concept of atoms being tiny solar units. Scientific studies in the location of Quantum Mechanics have actually shown that at the quantum or atomic level tbelow are included rules of physics that restrict the activities and appearances that are enabled on a larger range.

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Probably not tiny spheres

This theory claims that electrons, prolots, neutrons and also the nucleus are most likely not tiny spheres. The the majority of prevalent theory is that electrons are spread out in the develop of a cloud. Anvarious other theory is that electrons look prefer tiny strings. Due to the fact that these pposts are too little to be checked out in a microscopic lense, what they look like is pure speculation.

Do not turn in orbit

Also, quantum theories state that electrons most likely execute not revolve about the nucleus in an orlittle.

When electrical charges move, they develop a magnetic area. When the charges readjust directions, they provide off electromagnetic radiation. If electrons revolve in orbits, they would certainly give off such radiation, which they don"t. Therefore, researchers believe that electrons are stationary in a shell roughly the nucleus of an atom, maybe as a cloud. On the other hand, maybe that radiation rule does not hold when an electron is in an orlittle bit or shell.

Can"t be proven

Of course, namong this deserve to ever be proven—at least not in our lifetime. But it shows that tbelow is a lot more to what is roughly us than we realize. Thinking and speculation on this type of point can be fun to execute. Science fiction authors have actually supplied such speculation to compose stories and also movies for usage to gain.

Look beyond what is apparent. Examine similarities and also trends in order to draw some conclusions or create a theory. That is what scientific research is all around.


The Bohr or solar mechanism model of the atom claims that atoms consist of a nucleus through a number of electrons in orbits roughly that nucleus, comparable to a solar device. People have actually speculated that perhaps atoms are tiny solar units. Perhaps our own Solar System is similar to the element Oxygen, which has a nucleus and also eight smaller sized electrons rotating approximately it in their orbits.

Likewise, probably our solar system is an "atom" in some larger entity. Although recent research studies have actually shown that the Bohr design of the atom is more than likely not correct or is incomplete, the idea of tiny solar systems has actually recorded the creative thinking of many people.

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