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Are you in search of a way to aid light your outdoor spaces that won’t affect your bills or your carbon footprint?

With the price of solar-powered innovation dropping swiftly,solar lamp write-ups have actually end up being an significantly popular method to provide lighting without needing batteries or raising your bills.

So, if you’re in search of a lighting solution that runs on clean, renewable solar power, we’ve pulled together reviews of some of the assets on the market and answered some of the many widespread concerns around installing and using a solar lamp post.

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The best solar lamp postsBest solar lamp posts: a buyer's guideSolar lamp write-up FAQs

The finest solar lamp posts

As usual, we’ve looked right into what civilization really worth in their solar lamp write-ups and reregarded assets we think best fit those customer needs.

1. Our height pick –Sterno Home Outdoor Solar LED Street Light

The Sterno Home solar lamp write-up combines a vintage look with cutting-edge solar technology. This retro-inspired street lamp looks favor wrought iron and has actually a lantern-style lamp head. It comes with 4 basic to assemble pieces, and the forced wood or cement screws are shipped through it. 


The assembled dimensions of the lamp are 8.75x 8.75 x 76 inches.

The body of the lamwrite-up is made of sturdy actors aluminum and also coated in a black corrosion-resistant complete. The lamp has actually clear glass lenses, and a 60-lumens warm white LED lightbulb that doesn’t need changing, making the design very low maintenance.

This is actually the second generation of the Sterno Home solar lamp short article. Compared to the first generation, the light in the Sterno Home solar lamp post has actually been made brighter, and it has 2 added solar panels.

These upgrades suppose the lamp charges to full throughout the day and also provides bbest light for eight hours once night falls. The intelligent Dusk-to-Dawn system switches the light on in the evening and off in the morning to save battery power.

What we like:Brighter – One complete charge of the solar cells gives eight hours of60-lumens light in the time of the night.Intelligent brightness – The Sterno Home solar lamp write-up detects the neighborhood light conditions and also turns the light on and also off at dusk and dawn to keep the battery power.The vintage look – The classical style and also wrought iron stylings give the lamp short article a pleasant retro-influenced look.What we don’t like:Maybe as well bideal – Some individuals reported that the upgraded brightness of the bulb could be a tiny too bbest if the lamp article is installed exterior of a bedroom home window.

The Sterno Home solar lamp article is our top pick because of its solidity of its cast aluminum construction, solar cells’ power and also battery life, upgraded LED light, and its pleasant retro-motivated finish.

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2. Jogger up – Gama Sonic 106BPLSG0 Outdoor Solar Lamp Message and Planter

Hot of the heels of our optimal pick, the Gama Sonic Outdoor Solar Lamp Post and Planter. The Gama Sonic and also the Sterno Home have equivalent retro stylings and are made of similar materials. The Gama Sonic is built of weather-resistant and also rust-resistant cast aluminum via a powder-coated black complete and beveled glass panes. 


The LED bulb in the Gama Sonic provides 80-lumens of light, and the integrated lithium-ion battery load is designed to last for about 3 years, or roughly 1,000 charges. A dusk to dawn device ensures that the light comes on at the correct time.

The exact dimensions of the lamp article are 15 x 15 x 77 inches when totally assembled.

Instead of being fixed in place via screws, the Gama Sonic comes through a big planter resolved to the base that keeps the lamp article steady as soon as filled via soil. However, if that doesn’t appeal to you, Gama Sonic has actually a huge variety of various fitting options and looks accessible, from screw-addressed articles to pier and also wall mounts.

What we like:The planter – Adding a planter at the base of the lamp post implies you sideaction a complex mounting process, and also you can add a tiny even more green to your garden or patio.The number of choices – The Gamma Sonic line has actually many styles and also mounting options to select from.The building and construction – The weather-resistant and also rust-resistant cast aluminum with a powder-coated babsence end up indicates you don’t need to problem about corrosion.What we don’t like:Battery life – Some individuals reported that the battery life of the Gama Sonic lamp short articles have the right to start to degrade in a little as three months. Gama Sonic has been sfinishing out replacement batteries for free, but 3 months isn’t great for a battery rated to last 3 years.

The Gama Sonic is sturdy, looks good, and also offers a great amount of light. The concerns with the battery are the only thing that maintained it off our peak spot. 

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Similar to the Gama Sonic, the Westcdamage comes via a planter as its base, which means you don’t have to concern around addressing it to the ground. Six bright white LEDs per head automatically rotate on at dusk and also off at dawn, and the three lamps provide eight hrs of illumicountry on a complete charge.

The lamp write-up itself is made of weather-resistant and also rust-resistant aluminum with a durable powder-coated black complete and also has actually dimensions of 22 x 22 x 79 inches. The planer measures 16 x 14 inches.

What we like:The look – Most of the lamps on this list have a durable retro-inspired style, yet theWestcdamage doubles dvery own on that with an nearly Disney-esque look.The brightness – If you’re trying to find a lamp that throws out many light, then the 60-70 lumens developed by each head from 6 bright white LEDs make the Westcinjury an excellent alternative.The planter – Just like the Gama Sonic, the enhancement of a planter means you don’t have to mount the lamp short article, and it’s much easier to blfinish it into an existing garden.What we don’t like:Also the look – That very same strong look that is going to be so attrenergetic to some buyers is going to put others off, making the Westcharm a polarising option.

Westcdamage 3-Head LED Solar Lamp Message has a durable structure, is basic to install, puts out most light, and we think it looks excellent, but we understand that not everyone will certainly.

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Similar to the other Baytown, the Ez Anchor Lamp Blog post is made from sturdy actors aluminum via monocrystalline solar panels that are defended by weather-resistant tempered glass.

The ten bright-white LEDs in the Ez Anchor Lamp Article provide 80-lumens of light and also last for up to ten hrs on a full battery charge. Just like the various other Gama Sonic, the incorporated lithium-ion battery load is designed to last for around 3 years, or approximately 1,000 charges. The dusk to dawn system indicates the lights come on immediately.

The real readjust is the removal of the earth and also the enhancement of the EZ-Anchor base made from heavy-duty rustproof, UV-defended black polyresin. The anchor base implies your lamp write-up deserve to conveniently be mounted on any type of surconfront that isn’t concrete. All you should perform is use the included auger and also turning bar to put the EZ-Anchor base in the ground and also let the sun do the rest.

What we like:The EZ-Anchor base – The EZ-Anchor base comes with all the tools you need to mount your lamp article on any surchallenge that isn’t concrete or a similar product.The variety of options – The Gamma Sonic line has a substantial number of layouts and also mounting choices to select from.Brighter lights – Unchoose the planter-based variation, the Ez Anchor Lamp Article comes through brighter ten bright-white LEDs that provide 80-lumens of light.What we don’t like:Battery life – As with the other Gama Sonic, some individuals reported that the battery life can begin to degrade in a tiny as three months. Gama Sonic has actually been sfinishing out replacement batteries for complimentary, however 3 months isn’t great for a battery rated to last three years.

The Gama Sonic EZ-Anchor base has all the excellent features and also benefits of its planter-mounted sibling, with an easy-to-install soft-ground base. 

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Made of weatherproof, durable rust-resistant actors aluminum tubes connected with plastic inserts, the iGlow comes through two ultra-bright white SMD LEDs that develop approximately 100 lumens and also are rated to last 100,000 hrs. It likewise comes through a dusk to dawn mechanism that controls as soon as the light comes on and off.

The lithium-ion battery powering these lamps is rated to last approximately three years prior to needing to be reput. The complete measurement of the lamp post is 8.5 x 8.5 x 78.5 when completely assembled.

The iGlow comes via 3 anchor bolts, cast aluminum ground spikes, and the correct screws for either soft ground or cement, making it remarkably simple to mount.

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What we like:Range of features Regardless of its extremely reasonable price suggest, the iGlow has a good range of attributes comparable to much even more expensive lamp articles.The bright lights – The 2 ultra-bappropriate white SMD LEDs put out 100 lumens of light.Durable parts – The LEDs in the lamp are rated to last 100,000 hrs, and also the battery is rated to last for three years.What we don’t like:The instructions – Many kind of users have actually reported that the instructions shipped with the iGlow are so poorly written and printed regarding be basically usemuch less.

The iGlow can have a budacquire price, yet it has all the attributes you could suppose from any of the other lamp short articles on this list.

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The pole is constructed from rust-resistant cast aluminum with a premium powder-coated weathered bronze end up. The bulb supplies new patented innovation to offer a 10-year lifeexpectations and also enables it to create a 360° light spread that is similar to an incandescent bulb.

The included photocell sensor can detect light and also will certainly automatically turn the lamp on at dusk and off as soon as the sun comes up. The monocrystalline silicon solar panels themselves are safeguarded by resilient, easy-to-clean, tempered glass and carry out enough power for the LEDs to output 120 lumens for 10-hours on a complete charge.

As with the other Gama Sonic models on this list, the Royal has multiple mounting options, including pier, short article, and also wall sconces, and the choice to have actually two more lamp heads.

What we like:The look – The aged bronze end up adds a pleasing touch of course without sacrificing the durability of rust-resistant cast aluminum.The new LEDs – New patented innovation implies the bulbs in the Royal have actually a 10-year lifeexpectations and also emit light that looks favor it originates from an incandescent bulb.The variety of choices – The Gama Sonic Royal has actually a substantial variety of mounting choices to pick from and also the even more choice to include 2 additional lamp heads.What we don’t like:The instructions – Similar to the other Gama Sonic, some individuals reported that the battery life deserve to begin to degrade in a little as three months. Gama Sonic has been sfinishing out replacement batteries for cost-free, however three months isn’t great for a battery rated to last three years.

The Gama Sonic Royal certainty resides as much as its premium sounding name through a fantastic looking finish and also patented innovation that offers you the heat glow of an incandescent bulb coupled via the energy-saving potential of LEDs.

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Best solar lamp posts: a buyer’s guide

Now that we’ve given you a rundvery own of what we think are some of the ideal LED solar lamps on the market, let’s run via what you need to look for when buying one for your home:

What are the pros and cons of solar lamp posts?

Tbelow are certain pros and cons linked via solar lamp articles that you must be mindful of prior to purchasing one.

Solar cell innovation has actually promptly dropped in price in recent years, making solar lamp write-ups a lot more affordable.There is still an environmental influence connected via the manufacture of solar lamp posts, so they aren’t totally green.
Solar lamp short articles are environmentally friendly and don’t include to your utility bills.You’ll must fit the pole yourself, which can be facility and also time-consuming, especially if you’re fitting it into concrete.
Solar cells, LED bulbs, and lithium-ion batteries all last for years prior to they need replacing.Most solar lamp write-ups have actually a dusk and also dawn system, which is convenient but means you don’t have any type of control over once the light comes on and also goes off.
The lighter aluminum poles can be inserted on a range of surfaces and also are straightforward to install.

What attributes need to I look for?

When it involves solar lamp short articles, there are a pair of essential features that you’re going to require. These include:

A dusk to dawn system

Ideally, you’ll want your solar lamp write-up to be ‘collection and forget’. A dusk to dawn device suggests your lamp write-up immediately detects the lighting problems exterior and also turns the light on and off as soon as needed.

This suggests you won’t must issue about managing the lights manually, and also you lamp won’t waste battery power by being on throughout the day.

A resilient frame

Many of the solar lamp articles on our list are made from weather-resistant and rust-resistant actors aluminum via some sort of coating. The aluminum implies the poles are nice and light, while the coating indicates you don’t need to worry about the elements corroding your lamp article.

Getting a heavy steel post deserve to make it difficult to mount correctly, while plastic write-ups are at risk to bfinishing in hefty winds.

Well made parts

The primary replacement components for a solar lamp post are the solar cells, the LEDs, and batteries. Ideally, you’ll desire to look for a solar lamp short article wbelow every one of these are rated to last multiple years.

Most of the poles we reperceived have actually battery resides of approximately three years, LEDs that last for thousands of thousands of hours, and solar panels that are protected by tempered glass.

Solar lamp post FAQs

Now you have actually an principle of what to look for in a solar lamp article, we’ve put together some of the the majority of frequently asked questions around solar lamp articles and answered them for you.

Are solar lamp short articles worth it?

How well a solar lamp short article suits you is going to depfinish on your individual situations. However before, while tright here is an ecological price linked with their manufacture, there is no arguing through the reality that they are greener than installing a grid-connected lamp write-up.

They additionally advantage from being low maintenance, affordable, simple to install, and also not including anything to your utility bills.

How do you install a solar lamp post?

How you install your solar lamp article is going to depend on its fitting and also the surconfront you desire to install it on.

The easiest method to install a solar lamp short article is to buy one that has actually a planter as its base. All you should do is fill the planter through flowers and soil, and it will be heavy enough to save the lamp write-up steady.EZ-anchors are an excellent way to fit your lamp post into soft ground. Essentially, they job-related favor huge screws that are turned into the dirt to secure your short article.The many facility method to fit your lamp post is fitting it to a difficult surconfront choose concrete, which will need you to drill holes into the difficult surconfront and screw the pole to the floor.

The finest solar lamp posts

Getting a solar lamp write-up indicates you deserve to light your outdoor spaces with a long lasting, easy-to-use, low-maintenance, and also environmentally-friendly light source. Having read our buyer’s guide, you’ll recognize exactly what to look for, and also our reviews are tbelow to streamline your search for the best article for your scenarios.

If there’s a solar lamp write-up that you’ve had good outcomes from and also you think we must have actually featured it on this list, we’d love to hear from you – so be sure to hit us up on social media, or drop us an email