Solar eclipses are not actually rarer than lunar eclipses – in truth, they occur in around equal numbers, generally around two of each per year.

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For example, between 2000BC to 3000ADVERTISEMENT tright here will be 11,898 solar eclipses and 12,064 lunar eclipses. However, at any type of one location on Earth, it is much less widespread to see a solar eclipse than a lunar one. And the factor for this is completely because of geometry.

A lunar eclipse, as soon as the Moon moves with the shadow of the Planet, is visible from wherever the Moon is above the horizon, which is over half of the Planet. However, once the Moon appears to relocate in front of the Sun throughout a solar eclipse, the shadow actors by the Moon is a lot smaller than Earth. It’s just about 480km (300 miles) wide as soon as cast onto the Earth’s surchallenge.

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Solar eclipses are therefore just visible from within a narrowhead route across the Planet, making it challenging to get to a area to view one. This is why they are visible much less often from any kind of given area.



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