Wind turbine tower inspection

Independent, objective inspections of onshore and also offshore wind generators keep all stakeholders in the picture.


Inspecting the problem of wind generators is essential at various stages of the project lifecycle. It permits all interested parties to reascertain themselves of the high quality of the turbine’s fabrication, maintenance and performance. In some nations, consistent inspections are a legal requirement; and many insurance carriers urge on them as soon as issuing a policy.

You watching: Wind turbine tower inspection offers a complete range of inspection solutions for onshore and offshore wind wind turbines and their components. Our inspections administer entirely objective and also independent information on:

The condition of wind generators and also assetsThe performance of maintenance and repairs

This helps you reduce dangers, reascertain stakeholders and also accomplish regulations.

Inspection at any type of stageInspections deserve to be carried out at any allude throughout the fabrication, commissioning and also operation of the devices. Typical landmarks requiring inspections include:

Manufacturing of componentsStorage and / or deliver of equipmentAssembly of assetsCommissioning the projectMonitoring task turning points that create financial rewards to stakeholdersAssessing ascollection performance and condition throughout operationPlanning and also evaluating maintenanceInvestigating damageEnd of warrantyExtfinishing the life time of a wind farm

Inspections can cover all components of wind power generation systems consisting of the rotor, nacelle, tower, foundation and also electric device. We deserve to inspect both onshore and offshore infrastructure – consisting of offshore substation platforms.

Reliable objectivityAll our inspections are carried out by extremely qualified inspection designers with many type of years of suffer in the wind power sector. They are completely trained on all appropriate safety, measurement and operational topics, allowing them to job-related in a broad selection of locations and weather problems, and also through various equipment deindicators. Each of our professionals has actually obtained a Level 3 Supervisor in Rope Access Technique qualification.

We bring out inspections around the world. Renowned for our freedom and objectivity, we share inspection results with owners, investors and also manufacturers, so all interested parties deserve to have complete confidence in the job.


Renewables ascollection management

Smarter renewables procedure monitoring helps maximize power manufacturing, minimize downtime and alleviate operating and maintenance expenses.

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Smarter Operations

Smarter Operations means the delivery of technological services for safe and effective asset procedure – applying an integrated strategy to boost revenue and mitigate costs. Find Out even more below.

Short-term forecasting

Accurate predictions of renewable power production assist you manage your wind or solar plant, setup maintenance and gain the finest price for your power.

Renewables due diligence

Renewables due diligence from assesses the technical risks of a renewable power job, ensuring an independent evaluation for developers, owners, investors and other parties to rely upon.

Warranty and confirmation testing

Our warranty and also confirmation testing services permits onshore wind wind turbines to supply optimum performance in any location.

WindGEMINI digital twin for wind wind turbine operations

WindGEMINI virtual digital twin gives you 24/7 accessibility to advanced wind wind turbine problem and also performance analytics, enabling you to make indeveloped wind operation decisions.

A path map technique for wind ascollection optimization

Wind power benchmarking

Construction security for wind and solar energy projects

Cascade Insight - Ascollection analytics and also equipment maintenance dashboards for utilities