X dragon solar panel


X-DRAGON 10,000 mAh Solar Battery Charger

The X-Dragon 10,000mAh Solar Battery Charger is a stylish portable solar charger. Key attractions encompass its compact and also grip-friendly design, and also being inexpensive due in component to the consisted of 1.5-watt solar panel. This product is rain-resistant via a shock-proof body indeed offering it an edge amongst rivaling products, yet it is not as rugged as advertised. While the panel is scratch resistant the protective case is made of difficult plastic enabling feasible splintering or breaking if struck tough enough. While not appropriate for all problems, the instance will certainly store this tool safe from basic wear and also use.

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The 10,000mAh battery bank is excellent for keeping your small electronics charged up while amethod from a committed power resource. At the base of the X-DRAGON are 2 USB ports for power output and one mini USB port for power input. The bigger USB ports are designed to charge small devices (smartphones, MP3 players, camages, etc.) at 5v 1amp, and also mid-size gadgets (eReaders and tablets) at 5v 2.1amps. The X-DRAGON will certainly not be strong enough to power your lappeak, yet if fully charged it will administer 3 full charges for an iPhone 6, 2 charges for a Galaxy S5, and a solitary charge for an iPad Mini 2.


Compact design: basic to host in hand and also put anywhere your want, dust-proof, water-resistant and shock-resistant, perfect for hiking, climbing and also other outdoor task.

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The 1.5-watt solar panel isn’t anything revolutionary, yet it is effective enough to administer power to “trickle charge” a battery from indoor ambient light. While sitting in indirect sunlight the power financial institution have the right to be fully charged in 40-60 hrs, and 30–40 hours once in solid straight sunlight. The solar panel is constantly on and will show as soon as it is charging by flashing four small LED lights at the bottom of the gadget. When out of sunlight, a series of the four LED lights will certainly be illuminated to suggest just how charged the internal battery is at that minute. Each light indicates around 25%, so if three lights are illuminated then the battery has around 75% of a full charge. If you don’t have accessibility to reputable sunlight at any type of suggest in time, the X-DRAGON have the right to be plugged right into a computer system or a wall surface outlet to charge. Furthermore, this power bank touts a cool over-charge defense facility so that you have the right to usage the charger reliably for a much longer period.

This power bank is little and light sufficient that it have the right to conveniently be tossed right into a backload or a glove compartment without any various other consideration. The protective instance has actually a built-in loop that permits for a lanyard so the power financial institution deserve to be attached to the exterior of a backload. This enables a constant charge for little tools while on the go. One added attribute is the inclusion of a small flashlight that have the right to be triggered by pressing the only switch on the case. Pressing this button a number of times will certainly cycle with the various setting which has a steady light, strobe, quick strobe, and also finally, off. The flashlight can be used continuously for around 60 hours from a complete battery charge.