Fewer sneakers in background had a more dramatic release than the Nike Air Yeezy II ‘Red October.’ After Kanye West began to publically denounce Nike and then CEO Mark Parker, many fans had offered up all hope that the elusive shoe would even release. After West revealed in 2013 that the partnership pertained to an finish, it seemed as though that was the end of the ‘Red October.’

“The Nike Air Yeezy 2 is now available” a straightforward tweet check out on Sunday 9th February 2014. It’s safe to say that the sneaker world erupted shortly after, with fans from eextremely edge of the globe trying to obtain their hands on a pair. This was without a doubt among the greatest, if not the greatest, sneaker drop of all time.

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Of course, through all that shock, mysticism and crazy hype, came a flood of replicas. As years have actually gone by, replica Red Octobers have acquired much better and also much better. As time has gone on, the remarket price of these sneakers has actually just grvery own in value. Whilst many kind of may have their eyes on the adidas Yeezy selection, tbelow are those sneakerheads who reprimary entranced by the original Nike Yeezy line.

For the latest instalment of our fake education and learning series, we’re tackling arguably the many iconic Yeezy of all time. We’ll be teaching you just how to spot a fake pair of Red Octobers. We’ll be covering some of the the majority of distinctive details around this sneaker. Without even more delay, let’s begin this Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October real vs fake comparichild.

The Test

Below is a genuine Red October and a fake Red October. We want you to take a look at the 2 sneakers and also decide which one you think is authentic before we reveal the answer.


The Price

Before you even have to look at the sneakers, among the greatest giveamethods on a fake Yeezy Red October is going to be the price. The Red Octobers, which had a retail price of £220/€245 but easily rose to over £4,000/€4,500, via prices now sitting at over £10,000/€11,500 relying on the dimension.

More frequently than not, fake Red Octobers will certainly be at a price that is as well great to be true. Fake pairs digital are often at well below sector and also also retail price; somepoint that replicators have to execute. If you’ve spotted a pair of Red Octobers at a suspiciously low price then walk away. Eincredibly sneakerhead knows what these are and also knows exactly how handy they are. If you’ve watched somepoint that looks also good to be true, possibilities are that it is.

The Reveal

Those of you that shelp the sneaker on the bottom was actual, congratulations…it was fake! There are a variety of imbalances between the fake Yeezys and real Yeezys.

One of the many noticeable differences that we would certainly choose to suggest out before we start is the in its entirety colour. As you deserve to watch in the photo listed below, the fake Red October is a a lot darker red compared to the actual.

If you gained it wrong, not to concern. We’ll define just what you must take a look at when delivering out this Yeezy 2 legit inspect.


The Toe

When you begin to compare these 2 sneakers, tbelow are some pretty massive distinctions. One of the a lot of apparent sections that you have to take a look at is the toe. Depfinishing on exactly how good your fake Yeezy Red Octobers are, tbelow have to be a variety of differences that you deserve to pick up on.

The Suede

All Nike Yeezy’s feature a suede toe box, a distinctive part of the shoe. As you deserve to see on the authentic Red Octobers, this suede is a really dark and rich red. The quality of this suede is very excellent, somepoint to perform through the premium nature of the sneaker. It has actually a slightly furry texture but is exceptionally soft to the touch.

If you compare this suede to the fake Red October suede, the two are miles acomponent. On the fake Red Octobers, this suede is the wrong shade to begin through. It is far brighter than the real pair, has nowhere near the same texture and is a lot shorter in comparichild.

This is one of the best giveaways on pretty much all fake Yeezys, even the many expensive fake Yeezys.

The Midsole

As you can view from the image below, the colour of the toe section is quite various in between the fake Red Octobers vs the real. The authentic Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers is a really well-off red, somepoint that is evident also from a brief glimpse.

However, when you take a look at the fake Yeezy 2s, the toe section is very pale and also doesn’t match well via the top. As you would mean, Nike has actually taken an excellent deal of time once developing these sneakers.

If you want to recognize just how to tell fake Nike Yeezy ‘Red Octobers’ then take a closer look at the toe section.


The Strap

One of the many distinguishable components of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 is the strap across the front. It brought over from the original Nike Air Yeezy (and also even the adidas Yeezy Boost 750). This is a large detail and one that this particular fake Yeezy 2 has actually fairesulted in perfect altogether.

You can see that on the actual Red Octobers, this strap is put between the middle of the laces and has actually 2 lace holes over it. However, on the fake Yeezy 2 Red October, this strap is as well high up. It covers among the lace holes altogether and also leaves also significant a gap from the lace hole underneath.

The Upper

What distinguishes the Red Octobers from various other Nike Air Yeezy 2s is the upper section. On the Pure Platinum and Solar Red Yeezy 2s, tbelow is a leather panel and Swoosh. However before, the Red Octobers usage a completely different pattern altogether. We’ll take a closer look at just how the fake pair of Red Octobers has actually failed to gain the top right.

The Spikes

You have the right to view that the Red Octobers have actually an extremely distinct top, beginning through the plastic spikes that make up the lateral panel. On the actual Red Octobers, these spikes have been glued onto a fabric.

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However, if you take a look at the fake Red Octobers, these spikes have actually been glued onto a plastic base, a huge giveamethod. These spikes also carry out not feel too made, through some rather stormy parts, whereas the actual spikes are smooth.


The Eyelet

One of the most crucial components of these sneakers is the eyelets.

On the actual pair, these eyelets have a small steel ring about them to offer them structure. This ring has a matte end up and a little line detail roughly the edge. If you take a look at the picture above, you have the right to view that this ring has a gloss complete throughout the ring and the line detailing is not as quickly visible.

The Swoosh

As we stated formerly, the Red October Yeezy 2 has actually a number of distinctions in comparikid to the various other Yeezy 2 sneakers. One of those vital details have the right to be seen in the Swoosh which has a very cool pattern across it.

The Swoosh attributes 3D carvings throughout and also gives it an included aspect of texture and depth. These carvings are a really massive component of the Swoosh and also something that the fake has not even come close to gaining right.

On the fake Swoosh, these shapes have been carved straight right into the product rather of having actually the textured look.

The Tongue

As you would expect, the evil one is really in the detail on these Nike Yeezy sneakers. If you look at the tongue, this area has actually a variety of aspects that you can take a look at if you desire to understand just how to spot fake Nike Yeezys.

The Mesh

You can view that the tongue of the authentic Red October Yeezy 2 offers a mesh via very small perforations throughout. This is bereason Nike has taken better care and also ensured that the panel underneath the mesh is not visible.

However before, if you take a look at the fake mesh, you have the right to check out the mesh has actually a lot larger perforations. You deserve to likewise view that tright here is a diamond detail that is visible underneath, something the genuine has actually surprise.


The Lace Aglets

As you would mean, Kanye included some cool details to his collaborations with Nike, through the Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG being no different.

The shoes came through gold lace aglets that screwed right into the agallows so that they would certainly not come off. These agallows are very heavy and you would absolutely know if they came off.

However, the fake aglets are much lighter and also do not screw into the laces. You have the right to watch that these agallows simply sit on the top of the laces, definition that they would slide in and also out.

The Lace Lock

Red Octobers real or fake will enhance the lace lock to the plastic spikes that are on the lateral panel.

You deserve to check out that on the actual Red Octobers, these spikes are sewn onto the fabric, simply as they are on the side panel. The spikes perform appear horizontal this time and currently vertical as they are on the top.

The fake pair, however, does not have these plastic spikes and also provides the same rubber as it did on the top. This lace lock is completely plastic.

The Strap


The UV Test

Just like all of the Real vs Fake guides, we’re finishing off this shoe through the UV test. If you haven’t obtained a UV light, we might not recommend getting one extremely enough. These lights are fairly inexpensive and can show up a variety of discrepancies that the huguy eye can not pick up on.

The Upper

The spikes anywhere the shoe on the real pair light up orange, however, they don’t even light up on the fake. As you have the right to check out, the entire strap lights up oarray on the real, via the hieroglyphics lighting shining brightly. However before, nopoint on the strap lights up on the fake.

If you look at laces on the actual, they light up orange under UV, however yet aget don’t light up at all on the fake. When comparing the mesh in between these two pairs, you can see that the real doesn’t light up as it’s tightly weaved and has actually no holes. However, the fake pair lights up white as a result of the small holes in the mesh.


The Insole

The the majority of obvious visual difference is the luminous ovariety of the real under UV whereas the fake doesn’t light up at all. The just components of the fake that light up are the perforation holes, yet the genuine shoe does not light up at all.



Let’s take a look at how to tell fake Red Octobers in simply a couple of simple steps:

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wondered “just how perform you know Yeezys are real?” then hopefully this guide on the Red Octobers has assisted. These sneakers are still very sought after and world still pay a lot of money for them. As you have actually checked out from this comparikid guide, the Red October fakes have actually a variety of massive differences as soon as compared to the actual thing. If you have actually also wondered wbelow to acquire legit Yeezys, then you’re in luck!

At, we have a team of dedicated authenticators that guarantee authenticity on every purchase. That suggests that you obtain the safety and protection of your purchase, without all the uncrucial hassle and worry. If you are worried that you can be obtaining some fake Yeezy shoes online, why worry? Head to and also cop your authentic Yeezys now!