Yolk solar paper review

Solar Paper: a kickstarter success

I love modern-day innovation and also I really choose the concept of being able to power my USB items from the sun–also if the sun has forsaken England. I’ve viewed a plethora of solar panels on amazon, and also it’s hard for civilization to recognize which one to buy. Many type of sales pages say things prefer “20 watt solar panel”, and also it’s usually fictitious indevelopment or it’s true however the solar panel itself weighs a ton. In my opinion, there’s just a few viable options for the average hiker to consider. My study initially lead me towards the Suntechniques S-Charger 5, and as the name says, it’s a 5 watt solar panel. Judging from the reviews by others–including those that have actually via hiked the Pacific Cremainder Trail (as I wish to execute following year)–it’s a good solar panel. It’s rugged, effective and portable. I got cshed to placing an order, and also shortly after I witnessed a little advertisement for the Solar Paper–a Solar Panel that claims to be the worlds lightest. It was initially a kickstarter task and unfortunately I missed the savings to be had; I still believe Yolk charge a fair price.

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The Solar Paper’s construction

The Solar Paper looks to be constructed of some kind of carbon compowebsite. The edges are metal, and they sit flush via the panels. The metal is gold plated throughout, and also on the height of the major panel sits a screen that screens the pack current (not brief current) of the item being charged. The screen is somewhat difficult to check out yet it is not somepoint you need to sit there and also stare at; furthermore, Yolk have stated they’ve improved the screen in their latest design.

The Solar Paper have the right to be fully sublinked under water and also so lengthy as you dry off the ports, it have to attribute fine. This is especially useful if you’ve tied it to your backfill and it starts raining. The solar panels are held together by magnetism, and also by making use of the included plastic nuts and also bolts, you have the right to resolve the panels together with a little even more strength–this is useful if you’re in a windy setting. The Solar Paper likewise comes through a rubber bung to fit the USB ports.


You deserve to add multiple panels and also likewise subtract panels, and on the back of each panel is a positive and negative terminal need to you wish to attach a device straight to the panel and also not through among the two USB ports. For the average USB tool, 2 panels is sufficient to charge something as properly as a wall charger–two panels produces roughly 5 watts of electrical energy. I’m likely going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 within the close to future, and it has a quick charge feature; yet, I’m not 100% certain what the maximum present attract is.



The individual solar panels are exceptionally lightweight ~ 62.65 grams, and the major panel weighs slightly more than the others~ 76.91 grams, or 2.2099137 ounces and 2.7129204 ounces. Because of this, three panels weighs 62.65 x 2 + 76.91 = 202 grams or 7.1 ounces. This is marginally more than what Yolk insurance claim but it’s still very, very good and also I can’t be 100% certain my scales are entirely exact.

The Solar Paper is an excellent purchase

It’s lighter than the Suntechniques S-charger 5 watt solar panel however it produces around the same amount of power as their 8 watt version. I ordered the 7.5 watt Solar Paper and also I’ve regulated to get 1.6 amps (8 watts) out of it–it has actually just been tested in England. It functions much better than advertised and I am extremely pleased with it.

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 My Garmin Fenix 3 watch draws about 0.18 amps (it’s only a 300 mAh battery), and also even throughout a fully clouded skies, the Solar Paper is able to charge the watch as if were plugged right into a wall charger. I am going to acquire a tiny USB battery financial institution but this has absolutely lowered my pack weight for the PCT.

The just obstacle I’ve had via the solar paper is attaching it to my bag, however that’s partly dvery own to my frugal attitude. I insisted on trying to obtain thick paracord (glow in the dark paracord is a have to have actually for anyone–seriously, you deserve it) I already owned to fit into the holes, instead of buying thinner paracord. I am considering buying some spare shoe laces and also using them rather. They’re not as strong as paracord but they should be solid enough–the solar paper doesn’t weigh a lot.

If you’re interested in various other tiny items for mirrormuch less cameras, you could desire to inspect out the tripod I made; it weighs less than 100 grams.

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